The First Snows Of Winter Have Begun – Time To Get Prepared

1 April 2014

Winter is around the corner and according to some people, we must expect a very cold winter as the rains have ensured that the earth is very wet. And we all know what happens when water and cold conditions meet – ice! Ice and snow are two of the most dangerous elements any driver can face in the winter months.


While snowy weather is great indoor weather, driving in these conditions means that you need to have your tires fitted with a good set of snow chains, otherwise you might not stay on the road for very long. Snow Chains are generally sold in pairs, as you need a minimum of two snow chains for the effect of gripping the snow to be beneficial. However, it is most beneficial to have two pairs of snow chains, one on each wheel. For 4x4 veicles it is strongly recommended that each tire is fitted with a snow chain as it will assist in maintaining control and power over snow and ice. 


There are different theories as to how to position the chains (if you only have one pair). According to the AA, if it is a rear-drive car and you put your chains on the rear wheels, the car will tend to understeer, and if it is a front-wheel drive and you put the chains on the front wheel then the car tends to oversteer. Two pairs is the ideal situation (one for each wheel). However, if you do only have one pair, fit the pair to the front tires if it is a front-wheel-drive and the back tires if it is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle.


SECURETECH now stock and import a range of well-priced snow chains, suitable for most Bakkies, 4x4’s and SUV’s available in the South African market. Fitment is easy and takes a few minutes. Watch this video to see just how easy assembly is for the RUD compact tyre chain Easy2Go: