The ICE Mini – A Small Chain with a Huge Capacity

7th April 2016

"For many years, the RUD Lifting Means department has included the world’s smallest sling chain in its range for lifting loads. The idea first started with a 4 mm sling chain with quality grade 8 and a capacity of 500 kg. Then the capacity for grade 100, VIP quality, was increased to 630 kg for single strands. Now in ICE grade 120 with an increase in capacity of 800 kg. It’s certainly incredible that you can use a complete adjustable-length 2-strand chain with a length of 1 meter, weighing just 1.4 kg, to lift loads weighing up to 1.12 tons. With the 4-strand version, loads weighing up to 1.7 tons can be transported with ease and absolute safety. In combination with the one-of-a-kind Mini lifter that uses two clamping bolts mounted in parallel to quickly shorten or extend the chain, this solution offers a unique transportation aid for a wide variety of applications. The compact design of the hooks allows them to be hooked into even the smallest lifting openings, making them an essential aid for lifting out motors in every car repair shop. "