Important Information! Optimal Load Securing

23rd April 2016

Avoid accidents and the considerable costs & possible liability caused by a load not being correctly secured - Tips from RUD on how to ensure that the load on your truck or transport vehicle is properly secured.

Depending on the nature of the load and transport vehicle, the forces during transportation have to be safely compensated for with the with the correct lashing systems. In general there are two different methods of lashing: verticlal lashings & direct lashings which are covered in the PDF from RUD.

Specific details for transport lashings include:

  • vertical lashing
  • direct lashing
  • inclined lashing
  • diagonal lashing
  • Selection of the right lashing mean
  • Latest state of chain technology
  • ICE lashing chains
  • Lashing points
  • Container Lashing Chains for multi-bucket system vehicles
  • Dump
  • truck suspension-ring
  • Load securing with heavy transports
  • Endless chains for missing or non adequate lashing points
  • Lashing Points – weldable
  • Lashing Points – for bolting
  • Combination – Lashing and Lifting Points
  • Lashing chains with spindle tensioner
  • Endless chains
  • Which lashing chain for which load
  • Lashing chains – maintenance

Click on the image below to download the PDF (11 MB)

lashing and chains for transport

Important Information! Load Securing.pdf10.99 MB