Safely rotate under a full load

12th April 2016

RUD Super Rotation ...

”For clever designers it has become self-evident for a certain time to equip their constructions with up-to-date lifting eyes. Not only of being a Must from a legal aspect to equip every construction which cannot manually be moved with relevant lifting eyes (lifting points). It is in fact the knowledge that these lifting points allow a variety of lifting processes – starting at the real beginning up production until final assembly, with the customer or with recycling of individual parts. This enormous handling often hides extensive unforeseeable costs and a huge potential of accidents with consequences. RUD Ketten, the market leader in the innovation of up-to-date lifting points could again improve its most successful variant often copied by the competition. Type VLBG (VIP eye plate) offers the advantage of an unsymmetrical force introduction and thus always adjusts itself in pulling direction in case of lateral loads, in consequence avoiding the decisive disadvantage of an opening with lateral loads occurring with DIN 580 eye bolt. The VLBGs can adjust themselves in force direction without causing an opening of the bolt. It, however, often happened in practical use that these lifting points are also used for turning, rotating and tilting of constructions contrary to the stipulations mentioned in the user manual. This entails considerable risks: with lifting point constructions of such kind being turned under full load the bolts inevitably opens. This dangerous effect has been caused by the high friction between bolt head and the rotating connecting element.

RUD Ketten has now succeeded in integrating a double ball bearing in the original variant. This patented, double ball bearing celebrates its premiere at “CeMAT” show under the brand name “SR-Super-Rotation”. The new type “ICE-LBG SR” can be integrated into the existing constructions without significantly changing the sizes and in consequence fulfils the compulsory safety requirements for turning- and rotating processes. Thanks to the double ball bearing, the possible forces can by 100% be accepted in vertical- and horizontal direction without an opening of the bolt. This convincing step could only be realised by the use of special (German) ball bearing materials in stainless steel as well as by a special shape and heat treatment. A dirt-repellent cover in parallel avoids an uncontrolled rotation movement around the bolt. The pivoting bracket can be set in the required position by a pressure spring in a noise-free way.

The decisive factor for the high WLL – also in rotating applications in overhead direction (required for BG approval) – is the realisation of a completely new bolt quality “ICE bolt”. For the presently existing, by far highest chain quality grade 120, RUD Ketten developed a revolutionary patented fine grain steel. This ICE steel offers an unbelievable impact strength of 56 Joule at a temperature of -60°C, an increased breaking strength as well as an increased hardness, compared with12.9 bolts, at the same time offering the same insensitiveness against hydrogen embrittlement as a 8.8 bolt. For the RUD lifting point generation with bolts, this new “ICE bolt” allows a 30-50% increase of the former WLL and at the same time fulfils the high WLLs of the BG requirements in the most critical directions. In order to highlight these sensational characteristics in a clear and fool proof way, all new lifting points have been powder coated in ICE pink. As generally patented with RUD-VIP and ICE chains, this special coating serves as overheat indicator. From 200°C, ICE Pink gradually changes to black showing a forbidden heat influence.

It goes without saying that these lifting points, safely rotating under full load and with unsymmetrical force introduction, have been equipped with RFID chips facilitating a digital documentation of all tests.”

Click here to view the ICE-LBG-SR - ICE Load ring for bolting SUPER ROTATION®, metric thread.