Guidelines for recovery ropes, straps and cables

6th December 2012

Here are a few do's and dont's for ropes, straps and cables when performing a 4x4 vehicle recovery:

  • Do not use damaged ropes or straps.
  • Do not knot ropes or straps.
  • Keep straps or ropes away from hot exhausts.
  • Regularly inspect your equipment- especially after use.
  • Straps and ropes are not to be used for lifting equipment.
  • Always recover in as straight a line as possible. Use a bridle if necessary to straighten out the pull and never pull at an angle greater than 60° from the centre line of the vehicle.
  • Keep participants and observers well clear of ropes, straps or cables in case of recoil due to a failure (as a rule generally twice the length of the cable, strap or rope utilised).
  • Dampen cables, ropes and straps with recovery blankets (one per 5 metre of rope strap or cable).
  • Protect cables from cutting or abrasion when pulling over obstacles: also check that there are no sharp edges on the underside of the vehicle that may cause a failure.
  • Never step over a tensioned cable, rope or strap.

Recovery Ropes