Our Hero - Mr Nelson Mandela

6th December 2013

Nelson Mandela

"Good morning All

We need to take some time to reflect at this hour of need. At 2:50pm local time we will all congregate outside our main entrance to reflect on this great leaders gift to the world and also to hold a minutes silence in Mr Mandela's honour.

It is indeed a very sad day for the world and especially for all Safricans irrespective of race, creed and background. Former President Nelson Mandela was indeed an inspiration to every living person on this planet and his departure will leave a huge void in the hearts and soles of everybody whom he had contact with. Either through spirit, physical contact and most importantly by His passion for living. Mr Mandela is, was and always will be the founder of our new Safrica and the face of Africa for our living future going forward. I have a special fondness and bond to Nelson Mandela as I was also borne on Mandela Day, July 18, although many years after Him and will forever raise a glass of thanx to His being as I have done for many years in the past and will continue to perform forever.

I certainly hope and pray that as a nation all Safricans will mourn in peace and tranquility as He would like to have it happen.

In his name

Michael Green"