Dynamic Self Retracting Lanyard reduces fall distances and improves safety

08 December 2017

Staff working at a considerable height above the ground level need appropriate equipment to protect them against falling. What is less obvious is the fact that, if poorly designed, that very equipment can pose serious hazards.

The main concern is about how fast the equipment reacts and the force it subjects the user to during a fall. This is where the award-winning SpanSet Dynamic Self Retracting Lanyard proves to be in a class of its own.

Designed by SpanSet in response to customer requirements, the key to the lanyard’s success lies in minimising the fall distance, which in turn reduces the distance it takes to dissipate the energy while keeping the force created to a safe and acceptable level. This ensures that users are comprehensively protected from falling, suffering injuries resulting from colliding with any nearby hazards and the force exerted by the safety equipment.

The use of the equipment is ideal in situations where there is low clearance and a lack of overhead anchorages (such as scaffold construction). The hybrid lanyard is available in both single and double versions – retracts exactly like a fall arrest block, but can be used like a lanyard. The lanyards can be anchored anywhere from below foot level to overhead.

Why hybrid? - because we have combined two of the best features from Fall Arrest Blocks and Energy Absorbing Lanyards. The Dynamic Self Retracting Lanyard provides a perfect balance between the two technologies.

Stopping too quickly can result in the equipment hurting the user and too slow stops can cause the user to collide with any hazards or obstacles nearby.

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