Tip from one of our customers who is a tidy camper!

6th February 2013

Handy tip from one of our customers:

"As you know tents, pegs and ropes can become quite a messy business. After camping for a weekend its fairly easy just to chuck all these mentioned items into a bag an "wola" it’s the end of it.

In the pic you can clearly see the two black bags, containing the tent and side awnings. It not only appears neat and organized, but also contributes to the life of the tent.

The green bag contains a ground sheet. This sheet works the hardest on a camping trip. It gets soiled and also collects dirt, grass and other items from the movement over it. It means that if you just leave the ground sheet in your caravan/car and drive home, the entire vehicle will be soiled. Packing it in a dedicated bag like the one in the pic, after a camping trip, one can “contain” the possible sand, soil and other stuff to a single place."

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