New Lash and Lift Plant in Lengau, Austria

1st February 2014

The family-owned RUD Group’s Lifting Technology division has inaugurated a new plant for the Lash and Lift Austria subsidiary. The new plant includes modern design and sales offices, state-of-the-art seminar and training facilities and an optimal storage and assembly hall for various value-adding manufacturing processes. 



At the opening of the plant, Joerg Rieger, spoke about the dedication of the father-daughter team, Andreas and Danielle, in implementing the vision and eventual opening of the new plant. RUD has seen that Austria is not only the cosmopolitan and diverse country for which it is known, it also has a powerful, versatile and highly developed industrial sector. It is this sector that RUD has identified as offering potential for a multi-million euro growth for the company.



The focus of the new plant will be on innovation and not imitation and will continue RUD’s name as a leader in lifting technology. That RUD has created a benchmark for industry is only through the dedication, hard work, innovative and clever solutions that we offer our clients. Lash and Lift is a strategic base for RUD’s Lifting Technology division in its ongoing development in the Austrian market.



We wish the RUD subsidiary in Austria all the best with their new plant.

We offer a full range of RUD lifting and lashing products to customers in South Africa and surrounding countries. Some of the products we offer include:

Tyre chains 

Lifting equipment 

Lashing equipment