New SpanSet Lifting Catalogue

25th January 2016

How SpanSet makes lifting loads safe and effective.

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When heavy loads are moved, safety and care are the top priority. This means the highest level of protection for the goods and for all persons involved. SpanSet is one of the pioneers when it comes to lifting with textile lifting gear. With our lifting gear and the expert advice of our application engineers, you can effectively prevent hazards and accidents, while ensuring that you fully meet the requirements stipulated by law.

In the late 1960s, unwieldy chains or hemp ropes were used to lift heavy loads. At this time, SpanSet began to develop new solutions made of hard-wearing artificial fibres. Today, Span- Set‘s textile flat slings and round slings are used throughout the world to tackle difficult tasks. The ISO-certified flat slings and round slings from SpanSet have been used to lift antique works of art, whole roofs of sports stadiums and ships - after all, you can rely on the high-tech slings that are "made in Germany". SpanSet became the market leader thanks to constant innovations and an ISO-certified quality assurance standard. Numerous patents and a constant flow of new, practical improvements are a clear sign of our unique knowledge and expertise in lifting.