A brief info-update: RUD Lifting St. Petersburg

12th July 2013

We have officially moved and opened out new office premises of RUD Lifting St Petersburg Russia to a convenient downtown area. Our young, motivated and hungry sales team from RUD Lifting St. Petersburg Russia under the co-shareholding management of Vladimir Danilov is growing rapidly and aiming high in this important market place. This is especially relevant due to a high amount of infrastructure related projects where heavy high-tech and high quality lifting means is needed. We will well exceed the Euro 1 Mio. total turnover level for the current FY 2013. Our target is a nifty 20 % annual growth rate for the year to come.

Besides a new end-customer oriented SIP alike catalogue, we also launched our new website of RUD Lifting St. Petersburg www.rudlifting.ru. There is also an English language version available so feel free to visit the site. There are quite some new VIP and ICE related sling chain assembly application pics to be found.