SpanSet NoCutĀ® pad: The hightech-protective plates against sharp edges

9th July 2014

Suitable for all SpanSet hoisting and round slings

Following the successful introduction of the NoCut sleeve SpanSet has extended the NoCut-family by yet another innovative product: the NoCut pad protective plates. With the NoCut pad SpanSet textile load-securing device during lifting of sharp-edged loads is especially well protected from damage. In contrast to the NoCut protective sleeves, which are pulled onto the lifting equipment, the NoCut pad is fastened with the integrated attachments exactly on the part of the lifting gear, on which the sharp edge rests.

NoCut pad consists of the protective sling fabric and an internal backing material with end attachments. Like NoCut sleeve NoCut pad is woven from a highly crystalline and high-stretched HMPE-fibre (high molecular polyethylene), which distinguishes itself by an extraordinary high cut and abrasion resistance. In addition NoCut pad is lighter and more flexible than many conventional protective materials and can be combined with lifting gear of all the usual constructive forms of the SpanSe assortment. So all SpanSet hoisting and round slings, as e.g. the MagnumPlus can be protected against sharp edges with the new protective plates, up to a lifting capacity of 50 tons. This also includes the extremely compact Magnum-X round sling, which can be used with NoCut pad up to a lifting capacity of 30 tons.

NoCut pad consists of a cut resistant fabric sleeve and harness to fasten to the lifting gear.

The NoCut pad is fixed to the lifting gear by its attachment elements.

SpanSet PowerSTAR hoisting sleeve with a mounted NoCut pad.

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