PHILIPP Lifty - transport of precast concrete parts

30th July 2016

Our transport anchors are designed for the transport of precast concrete parts such as, for example, slabs, beams or walls. Various anchors can be used depending on the type of component - whether prefab parts with extremely low wall thicknesses or stair landings.

The PHILIPP Lifty is part of the PHILIPP Transport Anchor System and complies with the "Safety Rules for Transport Anchors and Systems for Precast Concrete Units“ (German regulation, BGR 106).

The PHILIPP Lifty consists of a forged ring bolt with thread and a welded chain link to create a lifting point.

The PHILIPP Lifty is used as a load handling equipment within the PHILIPP Lifting Anchor System. The PHILIPP Lifty is available with metric or special RD thread (with metric pitch) and can be turned in and out of the thread anchor like a standard screw. The PHILIPP Lifty can be used for axial, diagonal and lateral loading.

Click here for more details on the Lifty (PDF download) or visit the PHILIPP website:

Lifting Point Concrete

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