Recovery Blanket placed in incorrect position on recovery strap

25th June 2013

"The sequence of recovery pictures below detail a simulated failure, in the test a recovery blanket was used with two weights to weigh it down as opposed to the normal sand we would have used. We also 'fiddled" with the placement of the blanket. In the simulation the strap whipped through the stitching of the blanket and the shackle still hit the bonnet to the left. This was however caused by the placement of the blanket which was put in the centre of the strap, the weighted strap & shackle overtook the blanket and negated its efficacy. The blanket should have been placed about two metres from the recovery vehicle, and then it would have successfully pulled the strap down to the ground. "

"All in all it was a worthwhile exercise, being under strict controlled conditions we were able to test something rather than trying it out in an actual recovery situation with disastrous consequences. It should be noted that the recovery blanket is an extremely inexpensive but often neglected piece of equipment; one should never venture off-road without at least two, with one blanked being placed on each side of the recovery strap." - Glyn Demmer

Photo Credits: Francis, Grant

This test highlights the importance of correctly placing the recovery blankets. For an additional layer of safety a recovery safety lanyard should be used with all recoveries and a recovery blanket placed at each end of the recovery strap.

1) Recovery Strap is setup to fail under controlled conditions:

Controlled Recovery

2) Recovery Blanket filled with weights (and not sand) placed incorrectly in the middle of the recovery strap:

Recovery Blanket

3) Recovery Strap fails, and the shackle is sent hurtling towards the recovery blanket:

Recovery Strap Fails

4) Weights are also sent dangerously flying through the air (highlighted by red circle).

Weights sent flying through the air

5) Weights and recovery blanket highlighted:


6) Final resting place for weights and recovery blanket

Final location of weights