SECURETECH recovery blanket saved my bacon last night!

10th June 2013

"My recovery blanket saved my bacon last night when my recovery strap broke. If it wasn't for the blanket being in place, damage would have surely occurred to the vehicles. The strap destroyed the bag when it snapped, but it’s not a big issue because it did its job. But I’d to suggest the possibility of the stitching being glued in place for extra precaution (see picture below) - Great product!."

Reply from MIchael Green - Special Industrial Supplies:

"Many thanks for informative email received!

Over the years we have tried many variations of closing the SECURETECH recovery safety blanket

  • heavier / thicker sewing thread
  • glueing
  • thermal bonding
  • heavier weight / thicker PVC

When we use the three alternative closing methods (as noted above) then the bag is totally destroyed (the PVC rips apart) and another needs to be purchased as there is no chance of re-stitching the broken area.

After many years of testing and evaluation we discovered that our current methods of closing to be the most successful.

The bag is still repairable (as only the stitching has failed) after an unsuccessful recovery attempt has been completed.

We offer a free of charge repair service for this item and would appreciate if you could return such to our Randburg factory for evaluation/repairs."

4x4 Recovery Blanket