SpanSet NoCut®: High-Tech Protective sleeve for enhanced safety

protective sleeve for lifting
26 June 2013

Effectively protects textile slings from sharp edges

Special Industrial Supplies is excited to add the NoCut protective sleeve to our SECURETEX range of products:

SpanSet GmbH & Co. KG, Übach-Palenberg has launched a newly-developed protective sleeve under the brand name "NoCut®", which is distinguished by especially high cut and abrasion resistance. The protective sleeve is woven from highly polymerised and high-strength polyethylene fibres, which are known as HMPE (high modulus Polyethylene) – or UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) With this, NoCut® is ideally suited as protection for textile lifting gear such as lifting straps and round slings, especially against the effects of sharp edges when lifting loads.

A special testing facility was designed and built for the development of NoCut®, with which the cut resistance of a protective sleeve can be realistically determined, by testing the cutting effect under a nominal load. In this way the protective effect of NoCut® was established with different sharp edges, producing unambiguous results and definitive data.

The woven NoCut® protective sleeve made of HMPE high- performance fibres is pliable and flexible. The high degree of flexibility and the lower weight in comparison with conventional products with cutting protection facilitates handling in many applications and save time when lifting. The HMPE woven sleeve protects the sling from the sharp edge even in a relative cutting movement, which can occur when a load is lifted. In the case of an edge radius of ≥ 1mm a movement of 20 to 30 mm between load and NoCut is allowable.

When the lifting process, in collaboration with the SpanSet, applications engineers is prepared in such a way, that the edge protection and the load during the final lift do not slide against one another, then the cut resistance is ensured even with radii less than 1 mm.

As well as the high performance material, this is due to the special construction of the fabric which with its unique rib structure further improves the already high cut resistance. The rib construction on the inside also supports the sliding action of the lifting sling within the sleeve. An important safety aspect: The same fabric construction on both outer surfaces of the sleeve produces guaranteed protection with the sleeve.

NoCut® protective sleeves are easily slipped over the lifting sling without the use of special tools. In this way the universal fit allows the utilisation of the same protective sleeves for flat and round slings. In the case of round slings a single protective sleeve can be slipped over both legs or each leg can be separately protected – corresponding customer specifications can be incorporated directly during production.

The NoCut® protective sleeves are produced on the latest technology weaving machines, which enable the weaving of all required widths and guarantee high, consistent quality. For SpanSet it goes without saying that production is certified according to EN ISO 9001. The protective sleeves are available starting from a basic standard length of half a metre then in quarter metre steps and a range of widths. In addition special designs are possible on request. Delivery of the sleeve as a finished item includes end-pieces of transparent white plastic elastic cuffs. Every NoCut® product is delivered with directions for use included.

In addition to the protective sleeves the range is completed by fixable protective plates, known as NoCut®Pad. These NoCut®Pad protective plates are also intended to provide protection for textile slings against sharp edges when lifting loads and are intended to be fixed to slings with cut protection on one side.

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