RUD-IDnet encapsulated onto a SECURELOAD textile lifting strop

8th June 2015

Special Industrial Supplies has recently been approved at a few Anglo American mines, along with a number of our other customers for the supply of our RUD-IDnet (RFID) identification tags.

We are excited about the benefits that the RUD-IDnet (RFID) system offers to our clients including:

* simplifying and reducing the time required for the inspection of equipment and

* streamlining the implementation of monitoring of maintenance programs for equipment.

The RUD-IDnet (RFID) tags are used to simplify and control the maintenance and inspection of a wide range of equipment including lifting equipment (cranes, SECURELOAD slings, hoists, RUD lifting points), vehicles (cars, forklifts, trucks, dumpers), air compressors, pumps, ladders, electric motors and any other equipment which requires regular inspection and maintenance programs. Attached are photographs of how we, for example, attach the RUD-IDnet (RFID) to a SECURELOAD textile lifting strop.

Click here to view the RUD RFID systems available in South Africa, Lesotho, Botwsana, Mozambique and Namibia.

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