Dynamic Load System with Re-useable Ratchet

1st June 2016

From SpanSet introducing the "Dynamic Load System with Re-useable Ratchet" at CeMAT 2016

With the disposable lashing system, EasyLash by SpanSet, goods transported by container, rail or international shipping are reliably and simply secured. SpanSet has developed the Dynamic Load System as an extension to the existing EasyLash system, which is suitable for multiple uses and enables a re-tensioning of the straps during transportation.

The Dynamic Load Ratchet remains on the load during transport. At the destination the ratchet is released and is available for the next transport. The straps are made from high-tenacity polyester and achieve the same stability as steel strips but at a much lower weight. They prevent sensitive surfaces from damage and are therefore also suitable for securing coils.

The handling is clearly more user-friendly and safer, because when attaching and removing there is no threat of injury from sharp metal edges or recoiling steel bands.

Dynamic Load System with re usable ratchet