ErgoMaster: High pre-tensioning force with minimal exertion

17th June 2016

With regard to lashing down loads, SpanSet developed in a dialog with customers, the lashing system ErgoMaster. The ratchet achieves a pre-tensioning force of 720 daN in a standardized test with 50 daN manual force (straight pull) and has at its disposal a lashing capacity LC of 2.000 daN. The ErgoMaster is delivered serially with a Tension Force Indicator TFI. With the TFI a higher pre-tensioning force proven can be used for the calculation of the load security. There is a double economic advantage for the user, since on the one hand the necessary pre-tensioning force is achieved with less ratcheting and on the other less work time is needed.

Ratchet Straps

Ratchet Strap