Transport anchor systems from Philipp Group

27th June 2016

The world is in motion. We provide it support.

As our motto also expresses the precast industry is not standing still but constantly evolving. PHILIPP as a partner for the precast business see the growing requirement for special solutions and develop them besides the standard products further.

Transport anchor systems

Building markets are looking for more special applications for precast concrete elements. For example the concrete units are getting more difficult geometrically as well as heavier and bigger. On the other side the aim is to reduce the need of raw material, e.g. for additional reinforcement, and also to reach a higher safety level.

Therefore PHILIPP offers new solutions as well as improvements of established systems to meet standard and higher requirements.

With our extended system range of threaded anchors and spherical head anchors heavier elements can be transported.

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Transport Anchor Systems

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