Do you carry a 4x4 Recovery Chain in your kit?

13th May 2013

We know that to include a recovery chain (as well as a recovery rope or recovery snatch strap) in one's recovery kit is rare. The recovery chain is heavy and bulky to store and more pricey when compared to a recovery rope or snatch strap.

However there are a number of situations where a recovery chain is very useful. This includes a recovery over a rocky surface where a rope or snatch strap would be damaged. Here the recovery chain is more suited to the rough environment.

A recovery chain can also be used if the vehicle being recovered doesn't have any dedicated recovery points. The recovery chain can be hooked under the chassis. Use with care as this may cause minor damage to the bodywork of the recovered vehicle.

As with all vehicle recoveries, safety is paramount and we recommend attending a 4x4 recovery course and reading our 4x4 recovery documentation (click here) before attempting any recoveries.

The SECURETECH recovery chain includes with the following features:

  • Chain comes complete with 2 Grab Hooks which can be used to adjust the length
  • 10mm Galvanised Chain
  • 8ton Breaking Strength

Click on the image below to expand:

Recovery Chain