Fall Arrest System

20th November 2012

Today Special Industrial Supplies installed a 49m horizontal fall arrest (permanent) life line for two users at Chemisphere Technologies in Clayville. The life line, an 8mm stainless steel cable, compliant to EN 795 standards and specification gets attached to D-rings on either side of loading yard:


Fall Protection


On the one side of the yard the stainless steel cable is attached to a single span energy absorber:

Single span energy absorber


And on the other side of the yard the stainless steel cable is connected to a “turn buckle & tension indicator”:

turn buckle and tension indicator


10m inertia reels are installed by means of karabiners to trolleys that runs freely on the wire:

inertia reels


The inertia reels hook onto the safety harness dorsal attachment point. This allows staff to walk and move safely on the loaded trucks without the risk of falling:

safety harness