How to inspect a Safety Harness

9 November 2012

Special Industrial Supplies stocks a wide frange of KARAM safety harness gear. KARAM is renowned for their attention to detail and high quality products.

According to KARAM, before wearing a safety harness it is important to inspect the harness for certain features:

  • Hold the Safety Harness by the Back D-ring, and allow the straps to fall in place. The Safety Harness has clear and separate colours for the shoulders and thigh straps, for them to be easily distinguished.
  • Inspect the harness webbing for any cuts, burns or damage.
  • Check the stitches for their continuity.
  • Carefully look for any evidence of corrosion on the metal parts.
  • KARAM Safety Harnesses also give an assurance that the Safety Harness has not been subjected to a fall, if the unique Tell-Tale Indicator is still secure on the shoulder straps. (image below)

Safety Harness Indicator