Safety, Security and Health at Work: A+A Exhibition

14th November 2013

The RUD lifting and lashing division attended the A+A expo in Germany, which is by far the world's largest trade show for work safety and work security issues.

See photos below of the RUD booth and the launch of the new RUD RFID system (version 2.0). The response to the launch was excellent with a large crowd of interested visitors. The new version of the RUD ID system takes into account feedback from customers and provides additional features, with English & German versions available.

One of the main advantages of the RUD RFID system is that is provides for the easy identification of equipment which for safety purposes require constant inspection.  The RFID system helps to speed up the inspection process and reduce costs through the effective use of manpower.  The RUD RFID systems are flexible and can be used with equipment such as ladders, working platforms, cranes as well as chains, lifting points & lashing points.

We will be providing additional details on the new RUD version 2.0 RFID system as soon as we receive the updated product catalogue from Germany.



Rud booth at A+A Expo


RFID Systems

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