Updated: What is the difference between a 'recovery rope' and a 'recovery snatch strap'?

19th October 2012

SecureTech offers both a 'recovery rope' and a 'recovery snatch strap'. What is the difference? Visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SpecialIndustrialSupplies to give your answer. Also when would you use a recovery snatch strap over a recovery rope?

Here is the answer :-)

  • Recovery snatch strap has a 20% to 30% stretch of its length and a recovery snatch rope has a 30% to 40% stretch of its length, because of this fact the rope will give less of a Jerk.
  • The Recovery rope is loosely braided therefore it will recover quicker
  • Recovery snatch strap packs away a lot smaller
  • Recovery snatch strap is easier to inspect and clean