A brief update about the EMO expo in Hanover 2013

03 October 2013

"RUD Germany had a very successful show at the EMO expo in Hanover 16 – 21 September 2013 (www.emo-hannover.de).  The EMO exhibition is by far the world's largest trade show for metal works, which as we all know is one of the core application fields for our lifting and lashing equipment. The overall mood which we experienced certainly reflected the various economic challenges, the world's economy is currently facing. 

The prospects for 2014 are quite good, as this industry, which has a core domain in Germany currently launches an extensive amount of new product innovations which is best basis for future profitable growth (which applies to RUD as well!)

For our German clients please find a copy of the German newspaper article attached!"


EMO expo in Hanover 2013 Newspaper Article (PDF)1.9 MB