Pics of an alloy bow shackle used as a snatch block - not a good idea!

21st October 2013

A snatch block doubles a winches' pulling power during a recovery. Snatch blocks are used in vehicle recovery situations (eg very thick mud) where the winches' normal capacity is not sufficient to execute the recovery. The snatch block creates a double line pull, and even though the speed of the recovery is slowed, the capacity of the winch is increased.

Snatch Block from SECURETECH with a Minimum Breaking Strength greater than 14 000kg: 

SECURETECH snatch blocks


While using a snatch block, the winches steel rope and the snatch block are under a large amount of tension. The photos below show an alloy bow shackle that was used as a snatch block. In this case the bow shackle took some serious wear and tear from the friction with the winches' steel rope and could easily have failed causing the steel rope and broken bow shackle to 'whip' back with possible damage to the vehicle and injury to bystanders.

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

Photo 3: