10th anniversary of RUD - Romania

23rd September 2013

“Please see enclosed some charming pictures of our anniversary celebration in Sibiu past Friday. With more than 150 employees on board currently, we definitely celebrated an enormous development of this Romanian entity of our corporate worldwide RUD family. We started with a facility ten years ago which had the size of 3,000 m² and were able to celebrate last Friday in quite an enormous production facility of more than 10,000 m². This is a reflection of how successfully we have developed and what enormous people, machinery, production and skill capacity we have established in this strategically highly important location of our entire RUD Group. The celebration was very joyful and was attended by the mayor of Sibiu (see one of the pictures attached). It also certainly pleased all the many children of our employees and their spouses. The entertaining program, the music and the culinary services provided by an excellent local caterer contributed to a wonderfully successful event, which we will certainly also report in length in our upcoming next newsletter edition end of 2013. Please feel free to share some of those pictures and parts of this exciting update with your team members. Thanks & best,” Joerg.

Rally Car with Tyre Chains... 

tyre chains


Range of Snow Chains

Snow chains


RUD lashing equipment

Innovation not imitation


Range of RUD lifting and lashing equipment


See attached PDF for more images

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