RUD Maxi lifting chains up to 126 tons

9th September 2013

"When handling loads with RUD VIP Sling chains in diameter 22mm at 42 t using an equalizer, the application possibility has so far ended up at 54 t. During the last years, there had been an obvious tendency versus increasing heavier loads. This higher load range has thereby mainly been covered by wire ropes and synthetic slings. The advantage of a lighter design and a cheaper price of the wire rope on one hand is accompanied by the disadvantage of a high sensitivity versus sharp edges, increased space requirement with storage and the missing shortening possibility on the other hand. Except the higher space re-quired, these disadvantages also refer to the synthetic slings.

The think tank of RUD has now launched the >MAXI<-VIP lifting chains. By this unique VIP chain generation with a diameter of 28mm in grade 100, however, made of ICE patented steel, RUD is able to approach completely new fields of application, e.g. where loads bigger than 50 t have to be handled such as turbines in heavy plants, with the construction of big machines, etc. Chains made of the patented ICE material offer a hardness increased by 30% compared to the standard grade 80 chains as well as a considerably increased impact strength. Special attention has been paid to the fact that a complete range of user-friendly components has been available right from the start and these are permanently adapted to the requirements. Based on these requirements, a range of product was developed consisting of six absolutely new component designs and four reworked ones." To Read more click on pdf link below. 

Lifting Chains

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