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Caldwell And Renfroe Are Changing The Lifting And Rigging Industry Through The Development Of Innovative, Lightweight Product Lines

12th September 2016

Jacksonville, Fla.; Aug. 2016 – The Caldwell Group and its Renfroe division are addressing the needs of the lifting and rigging industry by developing innovative lightweight product lines that include composite beams and smaller, lifting clamps.

The Automatic-Center-Point

4th September 2016

The Automatic Centre Point

The laterally loaded eye bends and due to the curve direction, the suspension AUTOMATICALLY rotates to the ideally highly-loaded position.

The inventor of the asymetric hoist ring realises another quantum leap

4th September 2016

 VLBG Lifting Ring

The VLBG-PLUS Load ring from RUD - tried and tested with full WLL in all directions.  This quantum leap could be obtained by the RUD ICE bolt, a fastening bolt made of patented fine grain steel.

The VLBG-PLUS Load ring automatically adjusts to the direction of force, however it is not suitable for tilting or turning of rotating of loads.


Nelson Mandela Day 18th July - 67 Minutes

12th July 2016

Nelson Mandela Day 2016

Special Industrial Supplies will be joining the Strijdom Park Community Clean-Up for Nelson Mandela Day!

Let's be proud of our precinct by yours and your staff participation for 67 minutes to clean-up Strijdom Park.

Inspection and documentation of your equipment made easy! RUD RFID systems.

1st July 2016

The market leader in terms of safe lifting, RUD-Ketten, now offers for nearly all work equipment, subject to tests, an improved and more simple system allowing to identify, register and administer them in a contact-free, error-free and fast way, based upon the RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification).

RFID Systems

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Recess former for Lifty - from PHILIPP Group

1st July 2016

The standard nailing plate (plastic) is complemented by a steel as well as a magnetic recess former with an exactly identical conical shape.

The PHILIPP Lifty is part of the PHILIPP Transport Anchor System and complies with the "Safety Rules for Transport Anchors and Systems for Precast Concrete Units" (German regulation, BGR 106).

PHILIPP Lifty - transport of precast concrete parts

30th July 2016

Our transport anchors are designed for the transport of precast concrete parts such as, for example, slabs, beams or walls. Various anchors can be used depending on the type of component - whether prefab parts with extremely low wall thicknesses or stair landings.

The PHILIPP Lifty is part of the PHILIPP Transport Anchor System and complies with the "Safety Rules for Transport Anchors and Systems for Precast Concrete Units“ (German regulation, BGR 106).

The PHILIPP Lifty consists of a forged ring bolt with thread and a welded chain link to create a lifting point.

Spherical head Double-head anchor from PHILIPP Group

28th June 2016

Transport and mounting systems for precast concrete elements

Popular spherical head anchor system is extended by Double-head spherical head anchors for special applications in beams. If a spherical head anchor is preferred instead of a Cast-in-lifting-hoop, you will find also many applications now.

Transport anchor systems from Philipp Group

27th June 2016

The world is in motion. We provide it support.

As our motto also expresses the precast industry is not standing still but constantly evolving. PHILIPP as a partner for the precast business see the growing requirement for special solutions and develop them besides the standard products further.