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A brief info-update: RUD Lifting St. Petersburg

12th July 2013

We have officially moved and opened out new office premises of RUD Lifting St Petersburg Russia to a convenient downtown area. Our young, motivated and hungry sales team from RUD Lifting St. Petersburg Russia under the co-shareholding management of Vladimir Danilov is growing rapidly and aiming high in this important market place. This is especially relevant due to a high amount of infrastructure related projects where heavy high-tech and high quality lifting means is needed. We will well exceed the Euro 1 Mio. total turnover level for the current FY 2013.

New Yale Engineering Products supplied by SECURELOAD

29th June 2013

We manufactured and supplied our SECURELOAD TWINPATH endless round slings, shackles and gloves to Yale Engineering Products neatly stored in a transport storage bag to protect the slings against damage while traveling around Southern Africa installing there high specification Yale railway jacks


SpanSet NoCut®: High-Tech Protective sleeve for enhanced safety

protective sleeve for lifting
26 June 2013

Effectively protects textile slings from sharp edges

Special Industrial Supplies is excited to add the NoCut protective sleeve to our SECURETEX range of products:

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Recovery Blanket placed in incorrect position on recovery strap

25th June 2013

"The sequence of recovery pictures below detail a simulated failure, in the test a recovery blanket was used with two weights to weigh it down as opposed to the normal sand we would have used. We also 'fiddled" with the placement of the blanket. In the simulation the strap whipped through the stitching of the blanket and the shackle still hit the bonnet to the left.

VIP Grade 100 WLL in tonnes for choke hitch & endless chain

23rd June 2013

**only 2 x 2 leg type available

A reduction of 20 % for the choke hitch and bundling (sharp edge) is already within the calculation.

Recent Seat Belt Installation for a customer

22nd June 2013

2 Point and Multi-Point Seat Belt and Safety Belt Systems

Special Industrial Supplies provides safety belts for vehicles, ambulances, security vehicles, army vehicles & mining machinery. We offer a complete range of safety belts and accessories (such as shoulder pads, web safety belt stalks, wire safety belt stalks) for your selected seat belt.

VIP Grade 100 WLL in tonnes for 1 to 4 leg & endless chain slings

19 June 2013

* in connection with balancer up to 56 t, **only 2 x 2 leg type available

VIP Grade 100 WLL in tonnes of single and multiple leg chain slings with different angles of inclination and symmetrical loading of the legs.

In case of choke hitch applications, reduce WLL by 20 %.

Win a pair of shoe chains!

19th June 2013

Walking in icy conditions can be precarious, especially with regards to black ice which is often very difficult to see. A quick solution is to fit a pair of RUD shoe chains. The chains attach to the underneath of your shoes using an elastic rubber strap and provide excellent traction.

Snow Chains available from Safari Centre - Pretoria East

19th June 2013

We are excited to announce that our SECURETECH Snow Chains from RUD are now available from the Safari Centre in Pretoria East.

For customers located in Pretoria, head through to Safari Centre located on the corner of Solomon Mahlangu Drive (Hans Strijdom) & Bendeman Boulevard, Six Fountains Extension. Rick, Jurie or Johannes are available to assist with any snow or tyre chain queries!