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Win a SECURETECH Recovery Safety Kit valued at ZAR 2000!

23rd May 2013


SECURETECH will donate a recovery safety kit valued at around ZAR 2000,00 for the best 'Recovery of the day' photograph!

Visit: to enter our competition to stand a chance of winning a ZAR 2000 SECURETECH Recovery Safety Kit!

RUD Hoist Chains - Corrosion Protection Coatings

RUD limit gauge for hoist chains: Specially developed for the practitioner for quick detection of the replacement state of wear via external gauging. In case of increases in pitch due to wear or warping, measurement can be made at the loaded chain strand. Measurement device with simple setup and easy handling.


The advantage of RUD Hoist Chains

20th May 2013

RUD Hoist chains are stamped with the Official Company Inspection Stamp, Chain Type, Quality Denomination, Serial Number, Batch Number & Manufacturer.

RUD hoist chains offer a number of advantages including:

Do you carry a 4x4 Recovery Chain in your kit?

13th May 2013

We know that to include a recovery chain (as well as a recovery rope or recovery snatch strap) in one's recovery kit is rare. The recovery chain is heavy and bulky to store and more pricey when compared to a recovery rope or snatch strap.

Our 100 & 70 ton spreader beams are on the way!

8th May 2013

The beams are to be used for the assembly of a new copper mine in Zambia.

Spreader Beams

Spreader beam

Difference between the CENTRAX and CENTRAX V Snow Chains

2nd May 2013

Both the CENTRAX and CENTRAX V snow chains are top of the range snow chains from RUD, the world leader in the manufacture and design of snow chains. The chains are easy to install with no need to reach behind the wheel during installation.

CENTRAX has 3 mm square shaped chain link and CENTRAX V as 4 mm round chain links.

Made In South Africa!

Lifting Sling
18th April 2013

We are proud to manufacture quality lifting, lashing and recovery equipment right here in South Africa. Our focus is always quality over price and certain products include a free lifetime repair warranty eg:

* Kinetic Recovery Snatch
* Pull/Winch Extension Strap

We also import quality products from overseas suppliers, such as RUD lifting equipment and snow chains from Germany.

Restraint Twisted Rope Lanyards

6th April 2013

The Range of KARAM Restraint Twisted Rope Lanyards are made of polyamide twisted rope with a diameter of 12mm. The spliced end of the lanyard is protected with a strong transparent covering sleeve which protects the splicing and enables the easy inspection of the splicing prior to use. The loops at the end of each lanyard are protected by an abrasion resistant thimble which prevents the rope from being damaged by contact with the connector. The lanyard's rope has a coloured tracer strand. This strand looses colour over time, which indicates when the lanyard is unfit for further use.

Classification of Lanyards

5th April 2013

Depending upon your specific fall protection and fall arrest requirements, different types of lanyards are required:

Work Positioning Lanyards: - used for work positioning

Restraint Lanyards: - used for restraint

Comparison table for Special Purpose TECHNO Safety Harnesses

Safety Harness
30th March 2013

The TECHNO Series of safety harnesses provide harnesses for environments where flame resistance, antistatic material or dielectric non conductive materials, d-links and webbing are required.