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General safety considerations for all 4x4 vehicle recoveries

27th November 2012

The following general safety considerations apply for all 4x4 recoveries:

4x4 Leather Recovery Gloves

27th November 2012

Gloves are essential to off-roading, gloves are not only used for winching, they offer protection from heat, dirt and even when collecting firewood. The ‘gardening’ or ‘welding’ variety often used are not recommended as a glove should fit comfortably and still allow ‘feeling’ when working. Good gloves have the following features:

Fall Arrest System

20th November 2012

Today Special Industrial Supplies installed a 49m horizontal fall arrest (permanent) life line for two users at Chemisphere Technologies in Clayville. The life line, an 8mm stainless steel cable, compliant to EN 795 standards and specification gets attached to D-rings on either side of loading yard:


Endless Round Slings @ Electra Mining 2012

20 November 2012

endless sling

Endless round slings are useful for delicate loads that may be damaged by a flat webbing slings. An endless round sling is ideal for choke lifting cylindrical objects and lifting polished or slippery objects.

Webbing Slings

20th November 2012


Our Webbing Slings at Electra Mining.  Special Industrial Supplies webbing slings are colour coded for weight.  The webbing is made of low elongation, high-tenacity polyester. The eyes are reinforced and the slings come with lifting capacities up to 100 000Kg and lengths up to 100m. A test certificate and record keeping card are enclosed with your order of a webbing sling.

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Where to find us

18th November 2012

Special Industrial Supplies is located in Sterling Street, Strydom Park, Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa.

We have suppliers located throughout the country and also ship our products locally and internationally.

Contact us should you require any of the following:

Lifting / Lashing Equipment

12th November 2012

We are always excited to see our lifting & lashing products being used 'out in the field'. Below is an image of a Swartland Boudienste truck using “SECURELOAD” tie downs to secure their loads.

Also note the white corner protectors they use in conjunction with the strap.

tie down

Snatch Block - use to double pulling strength of winch

9 November 2012

Below is a great picture of our SECURETECH snatch block in use. Snatch blocks are used in 4x4 Vehicle Recovery to double the winching capacity of the winch.

This picture was taken at base 4 during a demo vehicle recovery.

snatch blocks

Client Installation - Lifting Slings

5th November 2012

LiftingOne of our customers - Aerotan Steel recently purchased a pair of SECURETEX / SECURELOAD lifting slings for handling steel plates and sheets. In this case each sling has a work load limit of 4000kg and the cost per sling is +-ZAR 6800.00 including vat. The slings use our SECURETEX sleeves to protect from wear and tear caused by daily use. The sleeves should last in excess of 5 years (working 6 days a week and 12 hours per day).

Definition of Lifting Equipment

28th October 2012

For us lifting equipment is anything you need to lift or lower loads and includes slings, hoists, anchor attachements such as carabine hooks, shackles, lifting chains and tie downs.

Attachments include ropes, pulleys, eyebolts, karabiners, chains, pulleys and harnesses and strops.