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Updated: What is the difference between a 'recovery rope' and a 'recovery snatch strap'?

19th October 2012

SecureTech offers both a 'recovery rope' and a 'recovery snatch strap'. What is the difference? Visit our Facebook page: to give your answer. Also when would you use a recovery snatch strap over a recovery rope?

Here is the answer :-)

Our Ratchet Lashing System In Action

5th October 2012

For some photos of our heavy duty 01808 ratchet lashing system visit our Facebook page

The photos show our heavy duty 01808 ratchets restraining a race car. The car is being prepared for an upcoming local race meeting.

Winner announced: Win a set of snow chains for your shoes

3rd September 2012

Congratulations to Thierry Goor on winning a pair of Snow Chains that fit on the bottom of your shoes. Below is a photo of our Snow Chains sent from Thierry:

Winner announced: Ludwig Furstenberg

27 August 2012

Congratulations to Ludwig Furstenberg on winning a pair of Snow Chains that fit on the bottom of your shoes. Check out our Facebook Wall to view Ludwig's experience with some of our gear:

To pull or snatch?

8 November 2011

Urban legends abound when off-roading, one hears of the military type kinetic rope with magical elastic properties that simply recovers stuck vehicles all day without ever needing to rest! At the same time the debate rages around the use of kinetic straps or ropes as opposed to the use of the humble pull strap.

Manual but highly effective!

3 November 2011

Okay, you have finally purchased your 4x4 and are now dropping hints everywhere you can to see who will buy you your next piece of equipment. Hopefully this will fill a very large Christmas stocking in December.

It’s all in the bag

31 October 2011

Ever been stuck in the thick brown viscous stuff and needed help? Then your saviour pulls out a bag filled with miscellaneous stuff that in no way resembles a recovery kit! Well you’re undoubtedly going to stay there for a while.

One of the first rules to going off-road is to stay organised and keep kit together for its intended purpose. Why then does your saviour mix his spanners with his glue, nuts and bolts and snatch strap?

Quad bike recovery

24 August 2011

One has a tremendous amount of fun on a quad bike but often underestimates the weight and size of the beast, especially when you get it really bogged down in deep mud or extremely soft sand-then it’s no longer much fun

That’s when it starts to weigh a ton and the enjoyment goes out the window. Now thanks to SecureTech it just got a lot easier!

Tested to destruction

17 August 2011

“When we decide on a new product we test it until we are 100% happy with the functionality, the quality and the safety,” says Securetech MD. Michael Green,” otherwise it’s back to the drawing board and we start all over again” he adds.

In testing, a product changes many times until the staff are absolutely sure that it is ready for the market and fulfils its intended purpose. The cycle in the case of a non-safety critical product may be a bit shorter, but it is still rigorous!

Dampen the danger!

11 August 2011

We were always taught to “dampen” a cable, rope or strap when attempting a vehicle recovery. A variety of options were used by the training “guru’s”, ranging from using a rope or strap wound around the recovering cable, strap or rope, or even in an emergency to use car mats or a jacket. All good and well but often these items fall off at the moment of recovery or the strap winds up in a winching exercise and becomes damaged.