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An outdoor essential

5 August 2011

Whether you are an ardent 4x4 enthusiast, an off-road biker or even a leisurely hiker, gloves should be an essential part of your kit.

They are not the prerogative of the hardened off-roader; in fact they have multiple uses outdoors! One should always ensure a snug fit which will protect you, yet still allow you to still feel what you are doing. There is nothing worse walking around a campsite or a recovery situation in an oversized pair of welding or gardening gloves, in fact the lack of feeling and bad fit can be unsafe!

The Bow Shackle and why you should use it!

6 July 2011

If you are an enthusiast you will always eyeball another 4x4 in traffic, especially if it’s kitted out with all the bells and whistles. Ever notice though how many owners hang a pair of commercial “D” shackles to the front and rear of their vehicles as if to ensure that they are there for an emergency?

SecureTech do not recommend that you use commercial shackles; a commercial shackle will not show it’s rating and the pin and body will be of the same diameter.

Specialist Product training from SecureTech

30 May 2011

“Whilst we are happy to sell our products, we love showing people exactly how to use them.” says SecureTech MD. Michael Green.

With that in mind SecureTech recently hosted a training day at the De Rust Outdoor Centre near the Hartebeespoort dam for some of its key retail outlets, a group of 4x4 instructors from the Motor Industry, as well as the Four Wheel Drive Club of South Africa.

The Super Siphon

24 May 2011

At some time in your life you may need to siphon fuel from one tank to another or even from a Jerry Can. For those of you who have never had to siphon fuel, it’s a relatively easy process. All you need is a clear nylon tube which you insert into the Jerry Can or tank. Thereafter you simply suck on the tube to create a vacuum which gets the fuel flowing. As it nears your mouth transfer the end into the tank that you intend to fill. As simple as that! Yes, except for the common drawback, one generally gets a mouthful of noxious fuel which can be dangerous.

Secured and Safe - The Fridge Tie Down

16 May 2011

Ever borrowed a fridge for a trip and struggled to secure it? Or perhaps you lent a fridge to a friend and securing it in a bakkie load box or the rear of an SUV was a problem. Well thanks to SecureTechs innovative way of developing products for diverse applications this problem is a thing of the past.

Enter the Fridge Tie Down, made of low elongation high tenacity UV stabilised 25mm polyester webbing. A pack contains two straps to secure a fridge when travelling and includes two easy mount tie down points in case the vehicle is not equipped with any.

Secured to minimise damage

4 April 2011

Ever seen a Gazebo hit by an unforeseen gale force wind? It turns itself inside out like an umbrella on a gusty day and is generally only good for the scrap heap afterwards.

Enter the Storm Strap from SecureTech, a simple yet ingenious solution to the havoc wreaked on tents, awnings and gazebos by wind. The strap is made of low elongation, UV stabilised polyester webbing in two sizes dependant on your application.

Safe and secure with a Cargo Net

29 March 2011

We all remember the old days when Gran would go to the hairdresser for a purple rinse and after liberal amounts of hairspray apply a hairnet. The combination even in a gale force wind saw that not a hair moved or was out of place.

Snowed under? Snow Chains from SECURETECH

17 March 2011

Snow chains are generally sold in pairs, if you only have two snow chains fit them to your front wheels as they will reduce slip and help you with steering control. Your front wheels will push snow to the sides and compact the surface which greatly assists your rear wheels grip. Alternatively each wheel can be fitted with a snow chain thereby improving traction with the road surface.

Recovery Guidelines from SecureTech

10 March 2011

SecureTech have developed guidelines for vehicle recovery, due to the multiplicity of variables involved they cannot guarantee the success of the recovery, the safety of bystanders, participants or property. As such it is recommended that you attend a professional recovery course as well as utilising the downloadable instructions from their website –

Let SecureTech keep you organised.

07 March 2011

Ever been off-road and pressured for a quick meal or had to eat at night and you were unable to find a knife and fork in the depths of a “trommel”? Well SecureTech have the answer, “The Cutlery Organiser”. It’s a simple, easy to use piece of equipment that will prove to be invaluable on any trip, as well as on a picnic at the local dam.