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Organised in an emergency!

03 March 2011

The SecureTech Tool Organiser is another innovative and indispensable addition to your off-road kit. Simply; it keeps your tools together using minimal space.

Once packed the top flap folds down to prevent tools from falling out, you then roll it up from the right to left and secure it with the attached webbing.

The real beauty of the organiser is the fact that you can access your tools easily, pack spanners in order of size and position them in an easily accessible fashion.

Stay organised!

28 February 2011

Being organised is about keeping things in the correct place and also knowing where they are when you need them. Well, if you’re going on a road trip or even for day to day travel, SecureTech have the answer-“The Visor Wallet”.

The Visor Wallet is secured to your sun visor with two simple Velcro fasteners, able to accommodate any size visor. Made of durable black cordura it’s a vehicle accessory that one has to have.

Don’t leave home without it!

21 February 2011

People say cars no longer break down yet how many times have you seen vehicle being towed on highways and major roads with strips of seat belt webbing, ski ropes and common rope all despite the legislation that specifies definite requirements!

The National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996) and the National Road Traffic Regulations published in Government Notice No. R.225 of 17 March 2000 stipulates the regulatory requirements for the towing of vehicles.

Sound advice!

16 February 2011

One only has to walk into the Matrix Sound premises to realise that you are dealing with consummate professionals. They offer a dedicated service and a “total solutions” package when staging an event.

It’s all in the label.

6 December 2010

There has been a flurry of activity on the internet lately around failed vehicle recoveries, vehicles have been severely damaged and in some cases people have even been injured.

As a result SecureTech have taken a good look at their product packaging and have upgraded their instruction leaflet as well as improving their product labelling to include a full set of guidelines as to the use of the ropes and straps in their range.

Carry it in comfort!

1 December 2010

How often have you been outdoors and you lost the picture or were unable to identify a bird because your binoculars or camera was not close at hand?

Well the guys at SecureTech have a solution, the binocular and camera harness; this nifty little device will enable you to walk outdoors with your equipment readily accessible and with your hands free at the same time enabling you to carry other equipment on a trail for example a walking stick. No more clumsy bags with shoulder straps and catches that move around as you walk.

Protecting your vehicle

25 November 2010

Grass can have a long term detrimental effect on your vehicles performance and can even cause a critical failure if you ignore the problem. When traversing grassed sections of veld, it is recommended that you fit a seed net across the front of your grille to prevent grass seeds and husks from entering the radiator core. Initially these may simply cause overheating but in the long term it could lead to engine failure as the particles melt and fuse within the core thereby restricting airflow.

Simple yet effective - the spare wheel tie down

25 October 2010

Often when travelling to the more remote parts of Africa one wants to take an extra tyre or tyre and rim which in some cases can turn out to be problematic if your vehicle does not have an additional aftermarket spare wheel holder – and one knows those accessories come at a cost!

Correct use of a ratchet strap

11 October 2010

All too often one hears of a trip spoilt due to items that were supposed to have been secured correctly either falling off the roof rack and breaking or stuff coming adrift in the load box and rolling around damaging other equipment or even spilling fluid. All of which could be avoidable should the person packing the vehicle have used the ratchet strap in the correct fashion. Bear in mind that we are talking about expensive items of equipment here, in some cases even motorbikes incorrectly tied down on trailers have been known to come loose and fall over !

The name says it all!

28 September 2010

SecureTech have recently the “Quick Fist” brand to their product range and as the name implies these one piece rubber clamps are quick to operate and grip tightly.

The clamps are made of heavy duty rubber and are not affected by adverse temperature or UV rays. They are very easy to mount and being rubber are more malleable when gripping equipment, this reduces noise and vibration often experienced with metal clamps, in fact they can be used in conjunction with existing clamps to reduce noise and act as an extra fastener.