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Recovery safety items from SecureTech

21 September 2010

Recovery is a dangerous business and all too often pictures are posted on the internet showing a recovery failure, often with disastrous consequences.

After considerable testing and evaluation of product in the market place SecureTech have recently released a variety of products aimed at making recovery much safer and reducing the risk of injury or damage to vehicles.

Care for your kit

14 September 2010

It can be expensive to put a good recovery kit together but it’s absolutely necessary when going off-road, with a little care you can greatly extend the lifespan of your kit if you follow a few simple guidelines;

When joining straps, forget about the old way of looping them together using a newspaper, branch or grass to prevent the fabric binding making it impossible to separate afterwards. New on the market is the recovery link from Secure Tech which also fulfils this function but has a safety loop which stops it from falling out when the ropes are not under tension.

An innovation from SecureTech

24 August 2010

Traditionally, when joining two ropes or straps when extra length was required the experts told us to put a branch, rolled up newspaper or magazine in the loops to ensure that the two loops would not bind on each other when the material was stretched under the tension of the recovery. However what would happen if one is stuck in the bush without wood or reading material?

A manufacturer who “walks the talk”

16 August 2010

“Well if they sell my product it’s up to me to ensure that they are properly trained and understand how to adequately meet the needs of customers” says Michael Green SecureTech’s charismatic MD.

With that in mind SecureTech recently facilitated training for the staff of several branches of the “Outdoor Warehouse” group at Base 4, the headquarters of the Four Wheel Drive Club of SA.

SecureTech-Quality you can see

10 August 2010

The brand is synonymous with safety be it with industrial users of lifting, lashing and safety equipment or the recreational 4x4 sector who rely on the SecureTech range to get them and their equipment safely across Africa’s 4x4 trails.