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ErgoMaster: High pre-tensioning force with minimal exertion

17th June 2016

With regard to lashing down loads, SpanSet developed in a dialog with customers, the lashing system ErgoMaster. The ratchet achieves a pre-tensioning force of 720 daN in a standardized test with 50 daN manual force (straight pull) and has at its disposal a lashing capacity LC of 2.000 daN. The ErgoMaster is delivered serially with a Tension Force Indicator TFI. With the TFI a higher pre-tensioning force proven can be used for the calculation of the load security.

A recent PHILIPP cast in lifting point project, lifting 35 ton concrete beams

10th June 2016

Visit: to view PHILIPP lifting gear available here in Southern Africa.

Lifting Equipment Concrete Beams

Lifting Equipment Beams

LaWi: Universal long edge angle

4th June 2016

Loose load units can be joined together and secured with the versatile long edge angle from SpanSet. Long edge angles are particularly suitable for sensitive goods like roofing tiles, planed wooden beams, doors etc. The inside cove of the edge angle protects the edge of the load, the large edge curvature protects the strap and optimizes the force direction. A particular feature of the plastic angle is its high torsional rigidity, which helps when bridging load gaps. Impact-proof polyethylene and a special interior honeycomb structure increase stability and robustness.

KaSiPlus from SpanSet: Protects sensitive paper rolls in transit

3rd June 2016

KaSiPlus edge protectors from SpanSet offer optimal protection for delicate and sensitive paper rolls. Weight, size, contact areas, stackability and geometry of the KasiPlus were conceived according to specifications of the paper and transport industry. And so the edge of the paper roll is effectively protected against pressure marks by a cove and a concave interior edge guide. The large contact area leads to a very low contact pressure of less than 1.8 daN/cm² at 500 daN pre-tensioning force.

PaXafe: Load retention nets for every purpose

29th May 2016

From SpanSet, PaXafe: Load retention nets for every purpose- CeMAT

With an extensive choice of cargo retention nets SpanSet offers the best solution for every application. The PaXafe Assortment comprises special woven PE nets for Sprinters, platform trailers and box bodies in different widths, rigidities and appearances. The clever building brick principle enables greater flexibility in the combination of the individual components. It goes without saying that all nets conform to the VDI 2700 page 3.3 and are GS tested.

Dynamic Load System with Re-useable Ratchet

1st June 2016

From SpanSet introducing the "Dynamic Load System with Re-useable Ratchet" at CeMAT 2016

With the disposable lashing system, EasyLash by SpanSet, goods transported by container, rail or international shipping are reliably and simply secured. SpanSet has developed the Dynamic Load System as an extension to the existing EasyLash system, which is suitable for multiple uses and enables a re-tensioning of the straps during transportation.

TruXafe: Modular System for securing loads in old and new vehicles

31st May 2016

At CeMat 2016 SpanSet has introduced the TruXafe: Modular System for old and new vehicles at ‪#‎CeMAT‬ 2016.

Vertical Lashings - Optimal load securing

20th May 2016

Vertical lashings are the lashing method mostly used with transportation on trucks. This is due to loads being broad so that a securing can only be realised with a vertical lashing.

In general, the vertical lashing can only be realised if there exists a sufficient friction coefficient between loading platform and load. For example, steel to steel is very unfavourable; thus chocks or FIMs (friction increasing material) are used for increasing the friction. The loading platform and the load itself have to be free from oil, dirt and ice.

Important Information! Optimal Load Securing

23rd April 2016

Avoid accidents and the considerable costs & possible liability caused by a load not being correctly secured - Tips from RUD on how to ensure that the load on your truck or transport vehicle is properly secured.

Depending on the nature of the load and transport vehicle, the forces during transportation have to be safely compensated for with the with the correct lashing systems. In general there are two different methods of lashing: verticlal lashings & direct lashings which are covered in the PDF from RUD.

Specific details for transport lashings include:

SECURETECH Glove Size Chart

Leather Gloves
20th April 2016

To ensure your new SECURETECH leather gloves are a great fit, please use the following sizing guide:

1) Using a tape, measure the circumference of your hand.
2) The tape should be wrapped over your knuckles as shown in the diagram (not too tightly!).
3) Use the table below to see what size glove will best fit.