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SECURELOAD Chain Hoist in Action

20th June 2014

The SECURELOAD Chain Hoist runs very quietly due to the helical gears made from the highest quality steel and they are light- weight because of their special aluminium casing. All LIFTKET electric chain hoists from SECURELOAD can be suspended on suspension eyes or delivered with push or electric trolleys.

A brief update about the Intermold 2014 / Die & Mold Asia 2014 / Japan Metal Stamping Technology Exhibition 2014 in Osaka

04 May 2014

Update from RUD Germany:

We are currently participating the following three exhibitions, Intermold 2014 / Die & Mold 2014 and Japan Metal Stamping Technology Exhibition 2014 in Osaka, Japan. Osaka is our main 'hub' for our sling subsidiary RUD Lifting in Japan with Mr Hiramatsu and his team.

Due to the sustainable Japanese economic recovery we continue to grow with additional staff members for sales activities in our main office in Osaka as well as our well established sales office in Japan’s capital, Tokyo.

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The First Snows Of Winter Have Begun – Time To Get Prepared

1 April 2014

Winter is around the corner and according to some people, we must expect a very cold winter as the rains have ensured that the earth is very wet. And we all know what happens when water and cold conditions meet – ice! Ice and snow are two of the most dangerous elements any driver can face in the winter months.


RUD Head Office - Our New IT Chief

20th February 2014

News from RUD Head Office in Germany:

The worldwide family at RUD welcomes Zoltan Demeter as the new RUD groups IT Chief. Read more about it in the newsletter attached. The team welcomes him to his new position and wishes him all the best. 


We offer RUD's full range of lift and lash equipment to our clients in all southern African countries, including Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. These include:

Farewell to Anita Valentin – RUD Head Office

16th February 2014

News from RUD Head Office in Germany: 

With our greatest appreciation and thanks we say goodbye to a dear management member of the RUD family. Anita Valentin, our group-wide general IT manager, is leaving us for a well-deserved retirement. Anita became an important driving force for our IT systems, ensuring that our processes were more professional, reliable, more efficient and more effective.


The Lash and Lift Dynamic Duo

10th February 2014

The new RUD Lash and Lift subsidiary that we opened in Austria is run by this dynamic father-daughter duo and their team. A famous Austrian said, “The only way to make a path is to take it” and Andreas and Danielle have shown that this is indeed possible. We are indebted to you both for your continuous hard work and dedication to our company. The new branch lays the foundations for our continuous growth and success.


New Lash and Lift Plant in Lengau, Austria

1st February 2014

The family-owned RUD Group’s Lifting Technology division has inaugurated a new plant for the Lash and Lift Austria subsidiary. The new plant includes modern design and sales offices, state-of-the-art seminar and training facilities and an optimal storage and assembly hall for various value-adding manufacturing processes. 



SECURELOAD and RUD Rigging equipment used for permanent light install

10th February 2014

Special Industrial Supplies recently supplied (via DWR Distribution) a range of SECURELOAD and RUD rigging equipment for a permanent light install at Christian Revival Church's newly built facility in Pretoria.

Equipment supplied included:

After 10 years of use! SECURETECH kinetic straps!

4th February 2014

Our range of 4x4 recovery equipment was previously called SECUTEX. We have subsequently rebranded to SECURETECH. The kinetic recovery snatch strap has been used extensively to recover stuck vehicles on a mine. During some of the recoveries, it has been cut by the plastic bumpers' of the vehicles recovered but has been repaired and is again doing duty to recover stuck vehicles. So much for the myth that you can only use a SECURETECH kinetic strap ten times!

Small beginnings are often the very best kind - just ask Peter Nuttall from RUD Chains, Australia

30th January 2014

NETT Magazine: January 2014:

"From a humble family business that started under a house in suburban Brisbane, Peter is now driving a multi-million dollar company with offices in Australia, NZ and the South Pacific."