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RUD is expanding!

02 October 2013

"We would like to share with you the following news from RUD Germany that appeared in a local German newspaper."

Winners of SECURETECH Safety Equipment announced - Big Sky Mud Run

26 September 2013

This years Big Sky Mud Run at the Harare 4x4 Jamboree was a great success.  Drivers struggled with the course (as planned!) and SECURETECH equipment was on standby for the inevitable recoveries...


Photo of course:

 Photo of course


10th anniversary of RUD - Romania

23rd September 2013

“Please see enclosed some charming pictures of our anniversary celebration in Sibiu past Friday. With more than 150 employees on board currently, we definitely celebrated an enormous development of this Romanian entity of our corporate worldwide RUD family.

Current Status of Lash and Lift - Austria

13th September 2013

Our new warehouse (joint venture between RUD and SpanSet) is currently under construction. Enclosed you will find pictures taken at the current construction zone - assembly and sales facility of our RUD sling and lashing subsidiary entity in Austria.



RFID - Chains of Command

10th September 2013

"The RUD Group is a leading supplier and manufacturer of chain systems and components covering multiple industries including the international oil and gas sector. Based in Germany and owned by the Rieger family, its roots stretch back to 1875 when Carl Rieger and Friedrich Dietz established Rieger und Dietz (RUD) a company to meet local needs. Today the RUD group has expanded its presence to 14 manufacturing plants and 17 sales offices across all continents.

RUD Maxi lifting chains up to 126 tons

9th September 2013

"When handling loads with RUD VIP Sling chains in diameter 22mm at 42 t using an equalizer, the application possibility has so far ended up at 54 t. During the last years, there had been an obvious tendency versus increasing heavier loads. This higher load range has thereby mainly been covered by wire ropes and synthetic slings. The advantage of a lighter design and a cheaper price of the wire rope on one hand is accompanied by the disadvantage of a high sensitivity versus sharp edges, increased space requirement with storage and the missing shortening possibility on the other hand.

40 ton round slings in the making

30th August 2013

Getaway 2013 is on the go but the work continues back at the Special Industrial Supplies Factory with 40 ton round slings in the making!

Round Sling


Our first major shipment from RUD has landed!

28th August 2013

We are excited to have received our first major shipment from RUD. 50% of the stock has already been sold and our 2nd shipment from Germany is on its way.

Rob leads the championship with two races to go!

21st August 2013

SECURETECH is proud to be sponsoring Rob in the Northern Regions Cross Country Championship. Rob has had a great season so far and is currently in 1st place in his division. We wish rob all the best with the last few races of the season!

SECURETECH offers a wide range of 4x4 recovery equipment.

SECURETECH 'GRIP V' Snow Chains saved our lives!

12th August 2013

Thanks Richard for sending in the photos and we are glad to hear that you are all ok!

"Only got to use the snow chains a short distance on the pass but they saved our lives - before we fitted them we nearly slid off one corner and down a cliff. Stopped the slide - put the chains on and then used them to get up the last 8 corners on the ice. Worked well. Lots of people stuck there - told them all where to find you. :-)" - Richard Frost

snow chains - sani pass