SecureLoad tie downs, lashings & ratchet straps are the modern, lightweight and thoroughly reliable method of securing all types of load across the entire spectrum of military requirements. They offer significant advantages over steel banding, rope, chains, having superior performance and properties as detailed below.

  • Do not weaken with age
  • Inherently absorbent of shocks
  • Corrosion free
  • Simpler, more positive inspection - if it looks all right, it is all right
  • Lighter weight means easier working, less risk of injury
  • Lower weight also means lower transport costs
  • Suppleness of polyester accommodates irregularities of the load. Chain may damage the load or grip in the wrong place
  • Less risk of damage to polished, painted or sensitive surfaces
  • Superior level of cargo control through high pre-tensioning


SecureLoad manufacture three basic types of lashing systems, which are each available in either two part or endless configurations, with a wide variety of different end terminals


Compact and light in weight, Cambuckle Lashings are ideal for securing light loads, the tension being applied by pulling the Lashing hand tight. The Lashing release mechanism operates by depressing the thumb bar. No pre-tensioning of the webbing is possible. Cambuckle Lashings are available in a range of Minimum Break Strengths from 250 to 1000kg.


Overcentre Buckle
Initial adjustment of the Lashing is achieved by first pulling the Webbing hand tight, after which the final pressure is exerted by turning over the handle through approx 180°. Overcentre Buckles are offered with both 25mm and 50mm webbing, and are suitable for light to medium duty applications They are offered in a range of Minimum Break Strengths from 450 to 1000kg

For medium to heavy duty applications, Spanset offer a very wide range of Ratchet


Colours and finishes
Lashing Systems in Minimum Break Strengths ranging from 500 to 10000kg 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 75mm webbing widths are available depending upon the loading requirements of the selected Lashing System.Within the range are many different types of Ratchet System, all carefully designed and engineered to exert exactly the right amount of pre-tensioning to the lashing.

Pull through protection
In order to prevent possible loss of the adjustable leg of a two part Lashing, it may be specified with the webbing pre-threaded through the ratchet and with the end turned back and stitched This option carries the suffix “TSB”

Anti-fraying protection
To prevent fraying of the adjustable leg of a two part Lashing, it may be specified with the webbing fibres of that leg permanently welded together by heat sealing This option carries the suffix “HS”