ANSI Certified Full Body Harness with friction buckle adjustment - FAP 15501 D

Product enquiry
ANSI certified safety harnesses and are a KARAM product supplied by us. A full body harness has a wide range of applications and should be used for workmen working at suspended heights. All harnesses you see on this page are ANSI certified in terms of Z359.1
ANSI Full Body Safety Harness

Attachment Elements - The harness has 1 Dorsal attachment D-Ring for Fall Arrest as well as Dorsal webbing to hold the cross plate.

Type of buckle - Friction buckle

Adaptability - Adjustable thigh-straps, Sliding Plates for easy adjustment of Chest-Strap. Leg straps with Parachute Buckles.

Convenience - An additional back support strap provided for a comfortable fit. All the straps have elastic loops for better adjustment.

Ergonomics - Ideally positioned sit-strap for extended comfort

Compliance - Conforms to ANSI Z 359.1

Product Code: Ref. FAP 15501 D

ANSI harness features

Sliding PlatesSliding Plates:Are provided on both sides of the harness which helps to adjust the chest strap according to your requirements.
Lanyard Keepers attached to harnessLanyard Keepers: Provided on both sides of most models for safely attaching the free connector-end of a twin-legged lanyard.
Elastic LoopsElastic Loops: Provided to secure the excess straps
Lateral D RingsLateral D Rings: Conveniently placed Lateral D Rings are provided for work positioning.
Thigh Straps on safety harnessThigh Straps: The fully adjustable thigh straps are provided with Tongue Buckles & Grommets.
Shoulder StrapsShoulder Straps: Fully adjustable shoulder straps to ensure a snug fit
I D PlateI D Plate: The unique design of the Dorsal Webbing Holding Cross Plate on the harness maintains the D ring in place even after a fall.
Parachute BucklesParachute Buckles: The chest strap contains Parachute Buckles which are easy to adjust and retain the shoulder straps in place.
Stitching ThreadStitching Thread: The stitching thread being used is polyamide in contrasting colours.