Fall Protection Hooks and Connectors - karabiners, snap hooks, tower hooks

A connector is an important element of a fall protection system. KARAM provides an extensive range of hooks (including anchorage hooks, connectors & carabiners (steel karabiners, aluminium karabiners) made from alloy steel and also a light weight range made from special grade aluminium alloy. Click here to view the tests carried out on all KARAM connectors used in Fall Protection and Fall Arrest Systems


The KARAM range of hooks, connectors & karabiners come with the following features:

  • Come with a double locking system and can be opened with a minimum of two deliberated consecutive manual actions
  • Minimum breaking strength of 23 kN
  • Tested for both Gate Function and Gate Resistance
  • Unique zinc electroplating provides the connectors and hooks with extended corrosion protection

Fall Protection hooks and connectors