Kermantle Rope Anchorage Line (to be used with KARAM Fall Arrester)

Product enquiry
  • Made of polyamide kernmantle rope of dia 12 mm
  • One side loop; other side end stop knot

(Also Available with Both Side Loops)

Length -

  • 50m Ref. Anchor PN 950 (K)
  • 40m Ref. Anchor PN 940 (K)
  • 30m Ref. Anchor PN 930 (K)
  • 20m Ref. Anchor PN 920 (K)
  • 10m Ref. Anchor PN 910 (K)
  • Longer lengths are also available on request
  • Available with blue abrasion resistant sleeve of length 1.0 mtr.
Product Code: PN 910 (K), PN 920 (K), PN 930 (K), PN 940 (K), PN 950 (K)