Temporary Lifeline - Horizon PN 3000

Product enquiry

KARAM introduces the HORIZON Horizontal Anchorage Lifeline. The lifeline is connected horizontally at each end to approved anchor points to provide fall protection to the worker.

Temporary Horizontal Lifeline
  • The Horizontal PN 3000 is a Horizontal Anchorage Life Line made up of 30 mm Polyetser Webbing equipped with the KARAM Ratchet Tensioner that allows easy tensioning of the lifeline between two anchorage points. Both the ends of the lifeline are provided with Auto Locking Steel Karabiners (Our Ref PN 113)
  • The whole system is supplied in a bag, which is permanently attached to the assembly and also enables the user to easily carry the system
  • Once fitted, you can easily put back the extra webbing not deployed along the length, into the Bag
  • Complies to EN 795 Class B
  • Available Length: 20m. The horizontal lifeline can be used for lengths from 5m to 20m

Once the Lifeline is fitted, the user can easily attach the Lanyard of his Harness to the Lifeline using a Karabine. .This allows movement along the length while keeping the user secured and safe at all times.

Product Code: PN 3000