RHINO Safety Harness Range

KARAM Rhino Series of Full Body Harnesses and accessories come in a combination of green and black. The safety harnesses are equipped with all the unique features that provide full comfort and ergonomics to the wearer. The RHINO range of harnesses withstand the highest test of safety standards as laid out in the European norms, and are CE Certified.

A full body harness is designed with straps to fasten around the user in such a manner so as to distribute fall arrest forces over the upper thighs, pelvis, chest and shoulders. This moves the impact of a fall from the internal organs to the major bone and muscle groups around the hip region.

A full body harness forms an important part of a personal fall arrest system.

KARAM RHINO Full Body Harnesses are also available in combination with a comfortable work positioning comfort belt. The D-rings located on the two sides of the waist allow for the attachment of a work positioning lanyard that enables the worker to work with both his hands free.