Antistatic Full Body Harness - Ref. PN 22 (AS)

Product enquiry
The Antistatic Full Body Harness is constructed of anti-static material to help prevent the risk of an electrostatic discharge igniting a potentially explosive atmosphere around the wearer.
  • This Harness has been designed to offer the perfect solution for safe work at height in explosive atmospheres. It is particularly suitable for Petrochemical and Mining Industry Environments.
  • Compliance - Conforms to EN 361: Fall Arrest Harness
  • Atex 94/9/CE, EN 13463-1(2001) and EN 136463-5(2006). Harness webbing also tested for surface resistance as per EN 1149-1: 2006
  • Feature - The Anti-static material prevents the risk of an electrostatic discharge igniting the explosive atmosphere thus allowing the user to work in complete safety in these high risk environments.
  • Comes with two front attachment textile loops in addition to the Forged Aluminium Dorsal D-Ring for Fall Arrest.
  • Stainless Steel Buckles for excellent Corrosion Protection.
Product Code: Ref. PN 22 (AS)