Flame Resistant Full Body Harness - Ref. PN 22 (FR)

Product enquiry
The webbing of the harness can withstand temperates up to 371°C without any damage. The harness has been specifically designed for wearers doing welding work at heights who require fall protection.
flame resistant full body harness
  • This harness has been specially designed for workers doing Welding Work at heights.
  • The Webbing of the Harness can withstand flame of upto 700oF / 371oC without any damage or harm.
  • The Harness is provided with adjustable shoulder & thigh straps, and comes with two front attachment textile loops in addition to the Dorsal D-ring for Fall Arrest.
  • This harness conforms to EN 361. The Webbing is also tested in accordance with ISO 15025 : 2005 and assessed in accordance with EN ISO 11612 : 2008.
Product Code: Ref. PN 22 (FR)