Suspension Trauma Relief Strap - Ref. STS 01

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Trauma relief strap

Care by KARAM even after a Fall!

Avoid the effects of Suspension Trauma with the use of KARAM Suspension Trauma Relief Straps

  • Extremely effective; especially designed to help relieve the negative effects of Suspension Trauma
  • Compact and Light-weight. Does not hamper the activity of worker while at work
  • Allows the suspended worker to stand up in his harness to relieve pressure
  • Easy to attach the Harness with the help of the textile loop and velcro provided
  • Easy deployment; operation is fool-proof.

KARAM provides Harnesses fitted with the Suspension Trauma Relief Straps on request.

Product Code: Ref. STS 01

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How to use a Suspension Trauma Relief Strap

Should a fall occur with the wearer suspended in the safety harness, suspension trauma (orthostatic shock) may occur. Suspension trauma, also known as harness hang syndrome (HHS), is caused by blood collecting in the wearer's legs while suspended in the harness. Blood flow is restricted to the brain and may cause the wearer to faint. If the wearer is not rescued quickly, this may result in death or injury as the brain does not receive the oxygen it requires.

The Suspension Trauma Relief Strap provides a solution to relieve the stress of the harness and allow the wearer to 'stand' thereby restoring blood flow. The relief strap can be fitted to the harness on request.

Below are the steps to be followed when using a Suspension Trauma Relief Strap:

How to use a Relief Strap - Step 1 How to use a Relief Strap- Step 2
How to use a Relief Strap - Step 3 How to use a Relief Strap- Step 4
How to use a Relief Strap - Step 5 How to use a Relief Strap- Step 6