Work Positioning Belts

There are frequent instances which require a worker to work at heights using both his hands for the purpose. If in such a case the worker is conscious of the height, then he will naturally tend to hang on to a support with one hand, and use only his other hand for working in which case, not only is his work compromised, but the risk of an eventual fall is increased. In such cases, the use of suitable Work Positioning System which consists of a Work Positioning Belt and a Work Positioning Lanyard is recommended.

The Work Positioning System enables the worker to work at heights uninhibited, well supported, in a safe suspended position with both his hands free.

The Work Positioning Belts and Work Positioning Lanyards, however, should not be used for Fall Protection

Work Positioning Belts have a sliding belt on the comfort pad, which enables the user to easily position the adjustment buckle of the belt at the center of his waist for smooth functioning.